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Poems of Earth and Beyond

A collection of well-crafted poems addressing fundamental questions of human experience in today's world --- its sadnesses and triumphs, and the humor that tempers them both. 

2008  ©  Donn Taylor

Pleasant Word

A Division of 

Winepress Publishing

Softcover 90 pages

April 1, 2008

Exceptional poetry for all occasions.
"One of my favorites is the last (of course not least) in this tome: "Walk Into Daylight" as it seems to make noteworthy the end of life's journey. It's not sad - it's enlightening.  A bright ending.  Lovely."
 --- Eileen Brown - 2021

Eclectic verses by a soldier, professor, and poet.

"These poems are wide-ranging, from profound to tongue-in-cheek, all delightful.  I especially enjoyed the beautiful 'Notation,' the gritty 'Panhandle Dust Storm,' 'Epigram: 1869,' the miracle of 'Ear,' the profound 'Terminal Conditions,' and the laugh-out-loud 'Fashion Models.'"

--- Joy Neal Kidney - 2021 


"Beautiful collection containing tongue-in-cheek humor and heartbreakingly beautiful messages of love. There are only two modern poets who capture my heart and mind with every line, and Donn is one of them." 

---  Linda Yezak


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