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2014  ©  Donn Taylor

Despite the implications of this crime, the town of Beneficent, MS, population 479, tries desperately to hold onto its vain self-image. The young veteran Jack Davis holds that idyllic vision of the town and tries to share it with Lisa Kemper, newly arrived from Indiana.

But she is repelled by everything in town. While the sheriff tries to find the murderer, Jack and Lisa’s contentious courtship reveals the town’s strange combination of astute perceptions and surprising blind spots.

Then they stumble onto shocking discoveries about the true nature of the town. But where will these discoveries lead? To repentance? Or to denial and continuation in vanity?


Lighthouse Publishing 
of the Carolinas
Softcover 330 pages
November 4, 2014 

"From the hiss and pop of the gas heaters to the description of the soda fountain, Taylor paints a colorful picture of small town life in a bygone era. A most enjoyable book."

--- Sadie & Sophie Cuffe,

Authors of 

The Flies & The Heart Knows

"Taylor’s powerful historical romance is filled with passion and heart, spiced with mystery and a keen understanding of the human condition."
--- Publishers Weekly

"Skillfully written.

His historic detail is amazing as he threads us in and out of the eye of the needle until we have no idea where we're headed."

--- Linda Glaz,

Author of

The Preacher's New Family

"A unique and intriguing story expertly told, with compelling characters and an ending that left me sighing with satisfaction."

--- Roger Bruner, Award-Winning Author of 

Found in Translation & Lost in Dreams


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