Rhapsody in Red - Preston Barclay Mystery Book 1 - by Donn Taylor © 2008
The Lazarus File - Suspense Novel - by Donn Taylor © 2002
Lightning on a Quiet Night - Historical Novel - by Donn Taylor © 2014
Donn Taylor, Author, Poet, Teacher and Speaker
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Donn Taylor Quote on Christianity and Slavery
Donn Taylor with Mildred and Walter
Dust and Diamond - Poetry - by Donn Taylor © 2008

How often must an undercover

agent die in order to survive?

Kidnapping, conspiracty & chemical

weapons. This is not normal rescue.

Preston Barclay

Mystery Series - Book 2

Preston Barclay

Mystery Series - Book 1

Preston Barclay

Mystery Series - Book 3

Donn Taylor led an Infantry rifle platoon in the Korean War, served with Army aviation in Vietnam, and worked with air reconnaissance in Europe and Asia. 

Afterward, Donn completed a PhD degree at The University of Texas and taught English literature at two liberal arts colleges.

Donn lives in the woods near Houston, Texas, where he writes fiction, poetry, and articles on current topics.

About Donn



My name is Donn Taylor. 

I am an author, poet, teacher and speaker. 

I am a Christian and Christian writer.

Poems of Earth and Beyond

By Donn Taylor

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