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DUST AND DIAMOND: Poems of Earth & Beyond

A collection of well-crafted poems addressing fundamental questions of human experience in today's world--its sadnesses and triumphs, and the humor that tempers them both.

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From the back cover:
If you're tired of books that leave you as you were before you read them, you'll want to read Dust and Diamond. Using both classical forms and free verse, the author navigates the troubled waters of today's transient philosophies to find safe harbor in eternal truth.

Published by: Pleasant Word-A Division of WinePress Publishing
Format: paperback (112 pp.)s
Release Date: April 15, 2008

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Subjects of the poems are as varied as life itself:

  • If marriage were a landscape, what would it look like?
  • What would Christmas be like if people sang carols about what they were really interested in?
  • Is tolerance of diversity a blessing or a curse?
  • Do pets take on the personalities of their masters?
  • What would it be like to escape the fallen earth into an unfallen world?
  • How would a minor biblical character perceive a major biblical event?
  • Does an electric power failure have spiritual significance?

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Excerpts from Dust & Diamond
Copyright 2008 Donn Taylor

Panhandle Dust Storm

Barn-battering blast of wind and dirt, this three-day storm
Brings terror to tin-roofed sheds, scours paint from walls,
Makes kites of aluminum siding and leaves them bent,
Bow-tied on telephone poles...

Vin Ordinaire
(Canaan: In the time of the Judges)

These are no vintage years; today we taste
An ordinary wine that wets the lips
But leaves the palate thirsting, Vapid lives
We spend…

I Do Not Know

I do not know why I love you;
Let it be enough that I do.
I do not know why it happened
Nor do I know when…


They walked the bleak road wearily, bereft
         Of all they held most dear.
Without His presence, who could persevere?
He'd brought them hope…


No greater loneliness than this
     As last light fails
     Gray cold seeps in
To stiffen mittened fingers…


God of all notions oversold—
     Lord of our far-fetched party line—
Beneath whose spurious spin we hold
     Dominion over souls supine—
God of Precession, hedge our bet:
When we've been wrong—make them forget…

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Here's what other's are saying about Dust and Diamond:

Dust and Diamond reveals a vision sometimes tragic and often sublime, but at times amused and satirical—a rich reading experience well worth pondering.
            —Linda Kozar, Director of Words for the Journey Christian Writers' Guild (SE Texas Region), author of Misfortune Cookies.

Donn Taylor knows words, knows life, and knows God. Through Dust and Diamond you'll gain more knowledge of all three.
            —Tim Riter, author of Not a Safe God and Building Manly Character.

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